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The heifer of the Aosta Valley breed is ready for slaughter between 13 and 16 months at a live weight of 350-400kg. Its rather slow growth combined with an adequate diet, allows a good infiltration of fat inside the muscle and, consequently, an excellent marbling.

Delicate flavor and extreme tenderness are the most appreciated characteristics of this meat.

In 2022, our Valdostana heifer sirloin received the gold medal in the context of the I-Meat fair in Modena, within the competition that saw meat from 15 Italian farms compete against numerous competing breeds.


The Aosta Valley veal is ready for slaughter between 18 and 21 months at a live weight of 500-550kg. The more robust structure guarantees the development of important muscle masses both in the forequarters and in the hindquarters. Growth is more sustained than in female cows and yet lower than in breeds more inclined towards the aptitude for meat production. This aspect causes the fibers of the meat to be rather fine, giving the cuts an excellent basic succulence. The diet that we have developed over time allows us to bring the garments to an optimal finish, guaranteeing the right amount of fat. The beef is particularly tasty yet delicate.

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