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Which Farm

The farm is located in Val Luretta, in the province of Piacenza, right on the first hills overlooking the valley. It is the ideal environment for the non-intensive breeding of cattle which, in our case, always provides for the animals long periods of life outdoors and on pasture.

Our way of breeding is based on sustainability throughout its cycle: from the purchase of calves, to their weaning and growth, up to their arrival on the counter or on the table.

The aim we pursue, in fact, is to bring to the market, at reasonable prices, the meat of animals reared in a natural way, without forcing and without the search for exaggerated growth.

The care we put into our work every day is the guarantee that we never intend to violate these principles.

In 2021, the farm obtained the CLASSYFARM certification for animal welfare.


The Aosta Valley Breed

Our research has led us to identify the ideal animals for the type of breeding we intend to implement in the Valle d'Aosta breed of cattle.

The calves are purchased directly in the Aosta Valley and come entirely from small local farms.

At about 18-21 months of age, the adult males reach a weight of 450-550kg while the females of about 350-400kg, in these conditions they are ready to be put on the market as bulls and scottone.


The Feeding

During the growth phase, the animals receive a diet based on forage, cereals and legumes.

The hay and part of the cereals are produced directly on the farm. What we do not produce  still comes from crops in the province of Piacenza.

We do not use silage to ensure the best flavor of the meat.

The growth cycle always includes long periods in the pasture or in outdoor paddocks, this choice is aimed both at preserving the welfare of the animals and at obtaining the best final product.


The meat resulting from cattle raised according to the method we have developed, in addition to guaranteeing maximum healthiness, is particularly appreciated for its tenderness when cooked and for its succulence also deriving from  good marbling.

The taste is decidedly tasty and yet delicate.

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